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Stand Design Guidelines

As organisers we invest a great deal of time into the overall presentation of the House & Garden Festival and a well presented exhibition stand is the ideal way to maximise your results at the Festival too. Therefore exhibitors should aim to create a stand that reflects the high quality and premium nature of the Festival brand.  All companies who wish to take part in the House & Garden Festival must submit a stand design to be approved by the vetting committee with House & Garden. 


We also run the Best Stand Design competition which is judged by the vetting committee with House & Garden. The winner is presented with the award during the Festival and will be given 3m² towards their stand for the following year as a prize. We always welcome original and fresh ideas so we encourage you to think creatively, click here for some guidelines and suggestions on how to achieve the expected standard which we hope will be of use.



Please note – all stand designs are assessed on an on-going basis. If at any point the vetting committee feel that your presentation does not meet the expected standard then you are required to submit a revised stand design for review by the committee.




















Benchmark Stand 2017
Benchmark, HOUSE 2017


Chandrika Thomas Stand 2017
Chandrika Thomas, Spirit of Summer, 2017


Carl Austin Furniture Stand 2017
Carl Austin Furniture, GROW, 2017

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