Andrea Nash is a transformational coach, colour and style consultant. Having started her career at Christie’s Auctioneer’s, London where her passion for everything beautiful and quirky began. The love affair with colour all started the day she was mesmerized by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and the visionary Claude Monet with his intense use of colours and the shades he used.  Her knowledge for colour and energy has developed on a deeper level through her travels to Bali and the Hawaiian Islands. Over the years as a coach, it became apparent that colour plays an important part on our overall wellbeing and how different people can choose to connect and relate to colours. She utilizes all her skills in her consultancy work, and her most recent work has included the Avko Interior Hampshire Heritage Colour palette, along with Ultra Violet Range; and her recent project at the Lanes Hotel in Somerset, where she set about the colour transformation of the bar and restaurant using the luxury wall paint by Avko Interior