Emma Freemantle

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Panel Speaker: Emma Freemantle, Stylist; Writer/Photographer, Jamb, London, England 


“A lover of old things. A stylist. A lover of things found. A maker by hand. A photographer”.  

With a background as a stylist in fashion and interiors, and a passionate creator of hand made art inspired by nature and rare finds -­‐ craftsmanship is at the heart of Emma’s world. Emma is akin to an alchemist, transforming common materials into precious works of handcraft steeped in bohemian, vintage and historically inspired style. More recently, she is a writer and photographer of 18th and 19th century antiques for Jamb. The story however remains the same: whether it is a bespoke, hand made creation from her label www.wornwithlove.co.uk or an 18th century Gainsborough armchair; as Emma says, “What is beautiful and what has value of anything, is that the heart and soul was there in its making.” Emma lives on a docked bohemian boat on a London canal.