Interior design is about so much more than just creating beautiful spaces!  Great design has been proven to enhance health, well-being and one’s quality of life. The spaces we inhabit have the power to lift us up and calm us down. 

Your home should be a reflection of your success and individual lifestyle, and represent your style and passions.  Good design should always tell your story.

Over the past decade, Nicola Holden Designs has made its name for creating contemporary interiors that are synonymous with down-to-earth luxury, eclecticism and humour.  Our interiors are infused with passion and creativity, telling the client's unique story through the language of design.

Nicola’s background in manufacturing gives her a keen eye for practical solutions.  Her style is underpinned by the vivid colours and natural textures of her childhood in Zimbabwe.

Nicola aims to create unique spaces that ooze luxury without taking themselves too seriously!