Sophie Garnier

Experts theatre : 14:00 - 14:45, 24 June 2017

Topic: Bringing Ethnicity into your Home with Style

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Sophie moved to Burma with her husband in 2015. After a year of filling their downtown Yangon flat with beautiful handmade things from all over the country, she quit her finance job to launch Kalinko, and bring the best of Burma’s homeware to the UK and beyond.

Prior to moving to Yangon, Sophie spent five years in the art world, most recently launching Beaumont Nathan, a high-end London-based art advisory. She travels between London and Yangon frequently, and when in Burma travels around the country as often as she can, working with her suppliers to refine existing products and create new ones. She adores Burma, its people and its language (which she speaks very badly!). She would love to grow Kalinko into a company large enough to support whole communities of suppliers, building stable futures for them, and helping preserve their remarkable talents for generations to come.