2019 House & Garden Theatre & Workshops

2019 Theatre & Workshops

Experts Theatre 2019

Wed 26 Jun 12:00 to 12:45

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Jennifer Wearden
Course Director, V&A

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The History of Textiles: from 24,000 BC to the present day

This tour de force history of textiles from Palaeolithic string to thermochromatic fabrics will consider the fragility of textiles, the importance of trade, the development of new technologies and the preservation of manual skills. It will identify surviving textiles from Egypt and Central Asia, trace the spread of sericulture, marvel at Medieval European tapestries and embroidery, note the importance of lace, carpets, chintz and knitting and acknowledge the wealth of designs associated with printed cottons, with modern methods of production and 20th century schools of art. It will be well-illustrated, delivered without hesitation, repetition or deviation and will allow time for questions.

Wed 26 Jun 16:00 to 16:45

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Mark Hill
Antiques Expert
Nina Campbell
Interior Designer
India Hicks
Designer, Entrepreneur & Best-selling Author

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Antiques in Interior Design - Anything But Dull...

Like our guests, Nina Campbell, India Hicks, Mark Hill and Ivan Macquisten, designing with antiques in the 21st century is anything but dull. Join us for a lively conversation lead by the brilliant (and fabulously witty) Ivan Macquisten as he takes us into the visual worlds of Nina, India and Mark. Learn about their love affairs with antiques and how integrating them into contemporary design is an art that elevates all interiors from the most formal to the most bohemian.  

Following the talk, join us for libations and an intimate book signing. 

Sponsored by Olympia and Ronati.