6 Tips for planning a garden from scratch

6 Tips for planning a garden from scratch image

Are you planning to build a great garden from scratch? It is possible. Then here are enjoyable tips that will help you. 

Additional reading has shown that the best way to plan a garden from the scratch is by abiding by the rules and regulations involved in planning a successful garden. Most beautiful gardens have little cozy den built by the owner inside it. The principles discussed in this article have been tested and trusted over the years. So, if you apply them judiciously, you will surely build an amazing garden from the scratch. Thus, they are highly effective and will enable you to build a livable garden for yourself and/ or your clients: 

How to make compost

Even if you have a good soil structure, you will never go wrong by adding compost to it, especially if you are building a garden. This will prepare the garden for planting. To learn how to make compost, you don’t need to get any composter certification.

All you need to do is to learn the basic principles of green plant materials and providing the right moisture and air to it, and the composting will be done.  Gather tiny natural organisms you can find- this will turn the garden refuse into nutritious soil additive.

Stay organized and Keep learning

After buying a plant and installing it in your planting bed, the next thing you should do is to label it properly so that you don’t forget its name.  The best way to stay organized is in the garden is by writing a garden journal- write names on the plant with a piece of scrap wood. If any plant catches your fancy, always note its scientific name.

Start a garden that won’t be destroyed by pests

Every garden is faced with animal pests and insects. However, great gardeners do everything within their powers to avoid this pest damage. Take necessary preventive measures by studying a variety of pests in your region, so that you won’t be caught unawares.

Clear the way by killing your grass

For some people, setting up a garden bed means, removing a variety of grass as well as the roots that go with it. Layering is a good method that allows gardeners to get rid of grass, especially when they are starting a new garden. Solarization is another great method of killing the grass.

Know your soil and make amendments

If you are planning to start a new garden, you really need to understand that soil is the foundation of everything. If there are nutritional issues with your soil structure, it will have a negative effect on the plants. Plants derive all the nutrients they need to live from the soil. Always check the quality of the soil by doing a comprehensive soil test. If the result suggests that there is a deficiency in the soil, then all you need to do is to remedy the situation by making the necessary amendments.

The summary of all we are saying is that you need to have a general knowledge of the soil. If you are having a clay soil, all you need is just to add peat moss, compost and coarse sand to it.  If you are having a sandy soil, add aged manure or humus or sawdust or peat moss with some extra nitrogen. Adding clay-rich soil will truly enhance the quality of the soil.

Orient your beds north to south

A successful garden should get the necessary sun exposure daily; it will need at least a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. Thus, orienting your beds north to south is the best thing to do, and it will enable you to plant tall crops.  The good thing is that when you do this, the plants will receive the best sun exposure.

Credit:  http://www.thefilix.com/best-weed-eater/