Decorated Spaces 2018

In 2018 House & Garden commissioned interior designers Edward Bulmer and Rachel Chudley who designed schemes for two different rooms. Look out for details of our new room set feature coming soon.

Edward is creating a sitting room that is comfortably modern but historically resonant. Rachel’s space is a jewellery-box dining room where you can be transported with lighting, colour and drama. This feature will offer even more ideas on creating stylish, comfortable and interesting living spaces that achieve a harmonious design scheme that is unique to you. 


Rachel Chudley is known for creative interiors with a distinct use of colour and texture. At odds with formalized style, her work instead reflects its environment and inhabitants; their quirks, passions, and humour. Rachel believes that quality of life is improved with art and her East London studio is made up of artists as well as designers, resulting in truly unique interiors. She collaborates with renowned colourist Donald Kaufman producing bespoke paints for her clients.

About Rachel Chudley's Room Design:

 'In our House & Garden Decorated Space we have created a jewellery box like room - to glimmer, glint and glisten. We have chosen a dining room for the purpose of wining and dining guests; a space for the night where people walking in can be transported with lighting, colour and drama.  We can create this mood by having deep lacquered paint on the walls and floors, a mural on the ceiling which is much like a fresco, and a mirrored table complete with glassware to enhance the reflection on the ceiling. We have worked with Surface View, Cox London, FRONT rugs and Jamb as well as exhibiting antique dealers.'


Edward Bulmer is unique amongst interior designers in also being an architectural historian, ‘colourman’, eco-worrier and farmer whose expertise, passion and knowledge has led to the creation of a range of beautiful, natural and environmentally friendly paints.

About Edward Bulmer's Room Design:

‘Comfortably modern but historically resonant’.

‘It will show how the combination of antique, vintage and modern pieces can render a room inviting and interesting. We will showcase pieces from exhibitors and some of my other favourite suppliers. Gone are the days where if you have an old house you can only use old furniture and even wholly modern schemes are making room for antique pieces now. The dialogue between old new is always interesting and when chosen carefully and set off with well-judged furnishings they can help to bring a reassuring narrative that underpins comfort and is a hallmark of the greatest British homes’.