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Giggy & Bab is the proud producer of beautiful retro-style step stools, made in England. An old British favourite reinvented for the 21st century in 10 glossy frame colours, and fitted with top and steps available in 3 different plywood finishes.

Summary of product details:

  • Retro-style step stools with fold away steps
  • 3 models: Hornsey, Birchwood, Blackheath
  • 10 frame colours: duck egg, mint green, cream, pale grey, black, hot pink, yellow, orange, red, teal
  • 3 plywood finishes for the top and steps: honey golden (Hornsey), blond (Birchwood), black (Blackheath)


Special offer details for House & Garden Festival 2019:


£15 discount on stools ordered at the show (bringing price down from £195 to £180 including UK delivery).