Lacorine fur derives from alpacas that have died naturally during the harsh Peruvian Winters when many young crias are overcome by the conditions. This is a great loss to the herdsmen whose livelihoods depend on the alpaca fleeces produced throughout the animal's life. None of these alpacas were harmed by humans.

Our clothing is designed by our founder, Antonia, and handmade in Peru by highly skilled artisans who live in remote villages and use skills that have been passed down through generations. Finding these talented artisans is no mean feat and local knowledge and contacts are key. The fact that Antonia is from Peru has enabled us to create lasting relationships centred on trust and respect and the love of the alpaca itself. Antonia spends a great deal of time sourcing and designing the collection while on the ground in Peru, which ensures each item is of the highest quality.

Alpaca fur is like nothing else - it's so incredibly soft. We have a beautiful range of light summer shawls, panama hats, and ponchos. We also sell beautiful handmade alpaca fur teddies, perfect for children as alpaca fur is hypoallergenic, as well as incredibly soft!