Littlemore Candle Company

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The Milking House Burleigh Farm
Burleigh Farm
OX29 4DZ
United Kingdom
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Hand poured, soy wax candles decorated with froaged botanicals, healing crystals and biodegradeable glitter. 
The Wax
Our candles are made in small batches from 100% soy wax.
 Derived from soya beans, this plant-based alternative to petroleum-based paraffin wax burns longer and more cleanly, providing a more efficient and more eco-friendly way to enjoy candles. 
The Crystals 
Each of the candles in the Littlemore range is decorated with a specially selected crystal, with properties that compliment that particular fragrance. 
The Hand Harvested Botanicals
Rural Oxfordshire is our home and our stomping ground and our roots are hugely important to the Littlemore Candle Co brand.
While our crystals and essential oils have often had quite the adventure to reach us, our hand-harvest botanicals are foraged from fields and hedgerows right on our doorstep.
The Essential Oils and Ethicalls Sourced Fragrances
The power certain fragrances have to evoke emotional reactions is pretty amazing. The use of scents for their therapeutic and relaxing properties is a tradition many centuries old and it is showing no signs of waning any time soon. Our candles are made with specially blended essential oils and fragrances and each one will take you on a different journey.
The Eco-friendly Sparkle
It looks pretty sprinkled on the top of our unlit candles; it looks even better suspended in the hot liquid wax.
 We cannot be held responsible if you go into a trance-like state gazing at it as your candle burns!