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Maitland & Poate is a family-run, London based business, which grew from our obsession and passion for beautiful tiles. Originally, we started by sourcing reclaimed encaustic tiles to add a flavour of sun baked Andalucía to our own London home, then seeing the reaction of friends and family who also loved them, our business simply grew from there. The reclaimed tiles we now supply are painstakingly searched out and uncovered; personally, selected by us to evoke an authentic sense of history and yesteryear elegance.

We source only the finest rare and unique tiles from a wide variety of ancient farmhouses, Cortijo’s, Parador’s, Hacienda’s and distinctive homes throughout Spain; many of which have either fallen into disrepair or are simply being refurbished to new styles. Each tile has been unearthed from floors long forgotten. They are then carefully retrieved, restored, and made ready to go forwards to a new lease of life – all part of the pleasure you will enjoy each time your walk upon or see them. 

Included in our collections of these unusual and unique antique cement tiles we also offer some firm favorites; reclaimed Terracotta tiles, hand-glazed tiles and Barro tiles and artisan handmade cement tiles. The wealth of colour and patterns vary from aged deep rusty red patina’s to inviting honey tones, through the spectrum of shades to delicate soft subtle pastels. All area feast and riot of sensational colours just as you would experience at any fiesta and Feria throughout Spain;instantly charming reminders of Mediterranean life.

The variety and depth of colours in our patterned tiles display each tiles’ unique qualities and proudly speak of a previous life and a handcrafted heritage.

We love the idea that we are helping to create another story for the tiles, a new future as they are walked on, touched and cherished again. It’s our pleasure to see them appreciated again in re-configured patterns or new applications for a new generation. 

The enduring beauty of reclaimed tiles, encaustic tiles and handmade tiles, is as endless as are the applications they can be used for in your home. 

Alongside the tiles, whilst out and about on our sourcing trips we also found and fell in love with a wonderful collection of luxurious lime paints. Originating from Sweden these gorgeous lime paints area delightful choice of soft earthy shades and hues, each differing as the light changes in your room adding texture and enhancing a variety of subtle shades throughout the day.  They are all Eco-friendly - being VOC and solvent free and allow the buidling to breathe.

 All again are of exceptional quality and just perfect to complement the tiles and complete any interior style and décor.