Adam Hills, Founder, Retrouvius

Adam Hills

Founder, Retrouvius


Founded by Adam Hills and Maria Speake, Retrouvius are driven by the belief that good materials and well-made things are precious. The Retrouvius story began in the mid nineties, founded as a vehicle for working with the Glasgow conservation world and local demolition firms. Now in its 25th year and housed across two sites in Kensal Green, the Retrouvius of today is now very much established in West London. Retrouvius continues to champion the respectful re-use of salvaged material, alongside a broad approach to sustainability, turning respectfully re-used materials to distinctive, contemporary ends. Overseen by Adam, the Harrow Road warehouse provides a refuge for an everchanging stock — ranging from tropical hardwoods, architectural elements, eye-catching one-offs, rugs and lighting. Serendipitous finds are stored, displayed and sold alongside highly sought after items we had to fight for. Maria Speake leads the design studio at Retrouvius. Working with savvy and sophisticated clients from the worlds of fashion, film and media, the design studio applies the Retrouvius ethos to select interior and architectural projects, both domestic and commercial. Taking only a few projects each year, in properties ranging from contemporary penthouse to medieval priory, yacht to boutique, each is attentively tailored to the evolving needs of the client as well as the demands of the site. Beneath the inventively applied wood and stone, the lovingly hand-dyed and reclaimed textiles, lie larger tales of transformation, and relationships with clients that stretch over multiple projects.
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