Philip Mould OBE, President, Plantlife

Philip Mould OBE

President, Plantlife


Philip Mould is an art dealer who, through his books, television work and numerous articles, has become one of the most recognised figures in the British art world. He is presently best known for his popular BBC 1 programme Fake or Fortune? (now in its eighth season), which he helped formulate in 2011 with viewing figures of up to five million thereby making it the most-watched arts programme in the UK, in addition to being viewed by people across forty countries worldwide. Philip has run his own art gallery for the past thirty years in London’s West End, specialising in British and old master paintings. It is now situated in Pall Mall. Philip has gained acclaim for his numerous and significant art historical discoveries of works by artists including Van Dyck, Gainsborough and Rubens, and owing to this specialist skills for unearthing long-lost treasures and forgotten masterpieces, his expertise is in high demand from international collectors, independent academics, academic institutions and museums in the UK and across the Atlantic. In addition to his career as an art dealer Philip has written two influential books on the subject of art discovery: Sleepers: In Search of Lost Old Masters (published in paperback as The Trail of Lot 163 by 4th Estate, London) and Sleuth: The Amazing Quest for Lost Art Treasures (sold in the USA under the title The Art Detective). From 1988 to early 2011 Philip held the position of official art adviser to the House of Commons and to the House of Lords for which he received the Order of the British Empire. He is President of Kids in Museums, President and formerly Chairman of Plantlife (the international wild plant conservation charity), an ex-trustee of the English Heritage Foundation and a patron of Fight for Sight. In 2013 he received an honorary doctorate by the University of East Anglia where he completed his honours degree in art history in 1981.
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