Stand Design & Packages

Stand Design & Packages

Stands come in a range of dimensions from 4m2 to 80m2 to suit all budgets and requirements but, with limited availability, apply soon to avoid disappointment. Shell scheme stand bookings offer the ideal solution for exhibitors ensuring that your stand is built for you prior to your arrival and allowing you to focus purely on the decoration of your space to attract customers. Whilst for stands of 20sqm or more, you have the opportunity to truly stand out from the rest by creating a custom stand design and build.


  • Traditional wooden shell scheme (white painted wooden walls and a fascia with company name board)
  • Carpet
  • Muslin Ceiling
  • Listing and profile page on the House & Garden Festival website
  • Listing in The Festival Guide distributed free of charge to all visitors
  • Allocation of complimentary tickets to invite your valued customers
  • Marketing materials such as leaflets, posters, online banners etc

As an exhibitor, you also have the opportunity to be part of our highly-targeted marketing campaign and work with our dedicated PR agency


For more details and to discuss options please contact the sales team.


As organisers we invest a great deal of time into the overall presentation of the House & Garden Festival and a well presented exhibition stand is the ideal way to maximise your results at the Festival too. Therefore exhibitors should aim to create a stand that reflects the high quality and premium nature of the Festival brand.


We also run the Best Stand Design competition which is judged by the vetting committee with House & Garden. The winner is presented with the award during the Festival and will be given 3m² towards their stand for the following year as a prize. We always welcome original and fresh ideas so we encourage you to think creatively. Click here - Stand Design Guidelines - for some guidelines and suggestions on how to achieve the expected standard which we hope will be of use.