Sustainable Interiors


Hand poured, soy wax candles decorated with froaged botanicals, healing crystals and biodegradeable glitter.  The Wax Our candles are made in small batches from 100% soy wax.  Derived from soya beans, this plant-based alternative to petroleum-based paraffin wax burns longer and more cleanly, providing a more efficient and more eco-friendly way to enjoy candles.  The Crystals 


GoodToBee Beeswax & Vegan Food Wraps and Bags are the easy and simple plastic swap for everyone. You can say goodbye to cling film and foil and know that everytime you use one of our wraps or bags you are doing a little bit more to help our wonderful...

Sustainable Interiors

It was Winston Churchill who said, “We shape our buildings, thereafter, our buildings shape us.” Research over the years has shown us that buildings have a direct effect on our physical & mental wellbeing. This is particularly significant, as we’re...

Sustainable Interiors

Although environmentally sustainable interior design has become a bigger issue in interior design practice, the frequency with...